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Shree Vishnu Maya Mandir is situated at 86 Scott lane, North Maclean,Qld.4280. The temple premises is located on 11 acre land in a very peaceful locality of Brisbane in Queensland state of Australia. This centre will have a variety of activities including:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Sanskrit and Hindi classes
  • Social activities for all age groups
  • Multi cultural programmes


A great scholar and philosopher of Hinduism Acharya Punditjee R.H. Tripathiji, who has only one slogan “Dharam hi jiwan hai” (Religion is life). One day a benevolent thought in the temple premises about the eternal power of living beings and enhancing the average life of hindus in Brisbane enlightened him. 

To construct a temple is internal feeling of pujya punditjee’s wife Smt. Asha Tripathi to support his benevolent thinking with a remarkable asset for the community and their better future in Brisbane. She always encouraged punditjee to make a remarkable temple for the community. As time passed, at last, the dream of “an excellent hindu community monument” comes true. 

Time waits for none and it passed by like the turn of wheels in the lap of eternity. On observing his grey matted hair and emaciated body, which foreboded the advent of old age, the Dharam Guru felt that he should finish all the remaining duties before his last breathe. The sentinel tolled knell of parting life. 

Every station in life has its duties and it is by the right discharge of one’s duties that one attains the concept of Dharma. This concept needs the right discharge of one’s function and donates the whole series. Now it is the time of Gurujee to pass on the next stage of life. A life of complete renunciation filled with benevolent actions for the hindu community and Hinduism in Brisbane, Australia. 

Punditjee born in Varanasi the holy city of India, who knows he came to Australia (Brisbane) to establish a religious, social, cultural, educational and multicultural centre. 

He always says- religion means discipline. One who lives under the direction of any religion of the world he lives in discpline. Today Gurujee’s words came as universal truth. As a result, we are at – 86,scott lane,North Maclean,Qld.4280,called “Shree Vishnu Maya Mandir.”

Shree Vishnu Maya Mandir History Pandit R H Tripathi Shri Vishnu Maya Mandir founder

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