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<span class=”_start”>31-03-2014 16:30:00</span>
<span class=”_end”>08-04-2014 21:30:00</span>
<span class=”_zonecode”>88</span>
<span class=”_summary”>Ram Katha 2014 Weekdays from 6:30pm and weekend from 4:30pm</span>
<span class=”_description”>Shree Vishnu Maya Mandir Weekdays from 6:30pm and weekend from 4:30pm</span>
<span class=”_location”>86 Scott Lane, North Maclean, Qld</span>
<span class=”_organizer”>Shree Vishnu Maya Mandir</span>
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<span class=”_all_day_event”>false</span>
<span class=”_date_format”>DD/MM/YYYY</span>
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